HIV Treatment Overview

The uniqueness of our HIV treatment

  1. No side effects.
  2. Much better health status than ART treatment. It could be combined with ART. Prakasine reduces ART side effects.
  3. People in our treatment leading a better healthy life than in any other treatment with potential life expectancy, livability, and longevity due to enhanced immune cells production by the stimulation with Prakasine.

Treatment Approach

Both types of patients exposed to ART and non-ART can undergo this treatment to get eliminated from HIV completely whereas ART only arrests the HIV replication.

We have incorporated modern nanotechnology medicine techniques with ancient medicine and developed nanomedicine for HIV treatment named as Prakasine. The Prakasine has more immunogenicity potential to eliminate the HIV completely.

Duration of Treatment

It may take 1-3 years to get cured of HIV since it involves various parameters to various people.

Testing System

A compulsory monitoring and testing system is strictly followed by the number of testing assays to monitor the efficacy of therapy and patient’s health status in HIV. We have developed our own testing protocol in international standards to monitor HIV treatment and in focusing on HIV cure.

Laboratory services

  1. Precise Diagnosis: HIV diagnosis by the advanced tests can detect within a few days of exposure.
  2. Effective Monitoring: We have incorporated advanced testing protocol out of our HIV research to monitor treatment efficacy precisely.
  3. Interpretation and Confirmation of Cure: Our advanced and sensitive tests can confirm the HIV Cure as there is no single test to confirm the HIV Cure.

Registration and Informed Consent

If you are an HIV infected person, if you really want to get cured out of it and if you are interested in our therapy we require registration and Informed consent from you in addition to medicine cost and test reports. If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

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“If you are an HIV infected person

Searching for a cure for HIV,

if you are interested in our HIV treatment, you can contact us”

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