HIV Cure
Cure From HIV AIDS
In our mission, there were struggling and pathetic situations happened in previous attempts of HIV Cure. Even now we are facing the negligence of regulatory authorities and misunderstanding of this concept etc, but with continuous perseverance we could cure HIV completely in 2006 in one case followed with many other..
First Cure - 2006

Mrs.Sudha, Namakkal,
Second Cure - 2010

Mr.Senthil, Namakkal,
Third Cure - 2010

Mr. Balakrishnan, Duraiyur,
Fourth Cure - April - 2012

Fifth Cure - June 2012

Ms. Sumathi P, Velur,
Namakkal, Tamilnadu India
We have achieved 10 cures till october 2014.
This is very slow because incoming people are very few and we stopped pasting the photo, other details of cured people here due to various reasons.
Hiv aids removal therapy
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This year we expect to cure
more than ten cases

The people who come
for this treatment and
if they like to meet
the cured people,
we arrange for it.
HCT - HIV Cure Therapy
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