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About Us

Dr.S.K.Prakash is the founder of Naval AIDS Research Centre. He is the veterinary doctor and biotechnologist, later he learnt medical science for his research as veterinary science and medical science is more or less similar. He started his research carrier in Gumboro virus vaccine development to the birds by isolating the field variants from B cells of the birds particularly from bursa of fabricious. Since it could not give the solution to this disease and no medicine available he had to seek ancient Tamil Siddha system to cure it.

Following his success in it he tried to adopt this concept in HIV infected individuals in 1993. He learnt ancient Tamil Siddha medicine in deep and started his HIV research in it. He started the NGO in the name of Indian Social Services to carry out scientific research and welfare activities in 1996. He started three different units in this NGO exclusively for research. In his master degree in biotechnology, by combining virology, immunology and molecular biology he adapted HIV in vero cell lines successfully but found not suitable for HIV vaccine development.

Since he has sound knowledge in ancient medicine he turned his view to focus on it and he believed that he can bring out some solution to eliminate HIV proviral DNA from PBMC and lymph cells with ancient Tamil Siddha medicine. An Antiviral Regimen was developed and successfully eliminated the HIV proviral DNA in HIV patients in his doctoral work by combining virology, immunology and molecular biology and he has developed a therapy to cure HIV by applying following strategy.

Earlier Immunotherapy Research in Avian influenza virus by Dr. S. K. Prakash in last century.