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Namakkal,Tamilnadu, India.
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We would appreciate your contributions to the Naval AIDS Research Center from individuals, corporate houses, funding agencies, and other community networks to the betterment of the global HIV community as much as possible by us. Your contributions are used to do further research and also to cure people of this Infection with Prakasine. Our care and services are often limited concerning resources. We welcome your contributions in cash, or kind for laboratory equipment, and providing free HIV/AIDS medicines for infected peoples who are not affordable.

Donations to Naval AIDS Research Center (NARC), a unit of Indian Social Service are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Our research organization is registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs to receive Foreign Contributions under the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) vide Registration No: 075910014.

We are grateful for your support. All donations are utilized 100% towards a cure for HIV infected people and further HIV research.


What do we do with your funds?

1)      Providing free HIV/AIDS diagnosis, HIV medicines, advanced tests for monitoring the disease more precisely, care, cure, and support to HIV infected peoples who are below the poverty line (BPL), orphans, widows, and those who could not afford for the treatment.

2)      Further intensifying HIV cure research.

3)      Developing advanced tests for HIV/AIDS.

4)      Providing HIV treatment and HIV cure to as many people as possible.

5)      Cancer research

6)      Developing medicines for incurable diseases and viral infections such as COVID-19, Viral flu, etc.

7)      Developing advanced and precise diagnostic tests for various diseases at a low cost.

8)      Organizing free general medical camps, testing, and treatment.

9)      Uplifting livelihood and providing support to poor people, widows orphans in the HIV community, and innocent people living with HIV.

10)    At present, we invite the people to make donations to do cure research for COVID 19 and other future viral infections. We are trying to find out the permanent solution to challenge any kind of future pandemic by improving the human body’s immune system (immunotherapy). This is the only way for the survival of mankind in the future.


“If you are an HIV infected person,
if you really want to get cured out of it and
if you are interested in our HIV treatment you can contact us”