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Prakasine Immunotherapy Supports to free from HIV Virus.

When HIV People Combine Our Immunotherapy with ART they get 1 + 1 = 5 Effects.

Individualised Research to Eliminate the HIV.

About us

Committed For HIV Cure

Dr.S.K.Prakash is the Founder of Naval AIDS Research Centre. With his sound knowledge in ancient medicine he believed that he can bring out some solution to eliminate HIV proviral DNA from PBMC and lymph cells with ancient Tamil Siddha medicine. An Antiviral Regimen was developed and successfully eliminated the HIV proviral DNA in HIV patients in his doctoral work by combining virology, immunology and molecular biology..

HCT is the result of 18 years of research and now – HIV is CURABLE

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Prakasine To Cure HIV

Can we cure HIV? Is there any cure for HIV? Can I get 100% recovery/elimination/eradication from HIV? Can I get a functional cure? Can I get a permanent cure? Can I get a sterilising cure? It is possible to get cure?

Will I become HIV Negative? Is there any potential Cure for HIV? HIV Cure is possible? Is a cure possible? Countdown to a cure, what are the strategies to HIV Cure, Is there a Cure for HIV and AIDS? Will there ever be a cure for HIV? No cure still the date, cure is not proven yet, worldwide; like so many questions and speculations.

The answer is Prakasine.
How Prakasine benefits HIV individuals than the other existing medicines in the world.
CharactersOur MedicineOther Medicines
 PrakasineAnti-Retroviral Therapy (ART), Latency Reversing Agents (LRAs), Broadly Neutralising Antibodies (bNABs), PD-1 Inhibitors, Gene Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy Medicines
Can it eliminate HIV completelyYesNo
Can it raise the damaged immune systemYes, Prakasine has shown this in the Scientific experiments and in human HIV PatientsART does not act on the immune system
Mode of ActionImmunotherapyAntivirals
Side EffectsNo Side Effects and Toxicity.People and Publications say there is liver damage, kidney damage in ART and LRAs
Patients acceptabilityPatients feel comfortablePeople say this is uncomfortable
Supporting to other medicines systemically
Can Prakasine be taken along with ART?
As Prakaisne acts on the Immune System, it supports to other medicines including ART indirectly by increasing the vital function of the bodyNo such support to other medicines

"We invite any Government, any scientist and HIV groups for collaboration to reach out this invention to 33 million HIV people globally"

"If you are a HIV infected person, if you really want to get cured out of it and if you are interested in our therapy you can contact us"


Pre and Post Exposure Preventive Treatment (PETP). We have recently invented the new formula named as Pre and Post Exposure Preventive Treatment (PETP) for the people who have been exposed to HIV or having chances to get exposed to HIV.

The infection could be prevented among those people if they take it for 3-6 months.

International Conference Presentations in HIV Cure Symposium

How Can We Cure HIV ?

This video explains the possible potential HIV cure with Scientist Dr.S.K.Prakash’s invention, even though it is not recognised by other scientists in the world.At present, this is the only way to cure HIV without any side effects.


Dr. S.K.Prakash – CV Click Here
Molecular Virology Work Done by Dr.Prakash for his research in HIVClick Here
Analogy of CD4 and CD8 cells Click Here
Eradication of proviral DNA Click Here
Status of proviral DNA Click Here
Phytochemical Therapy-Summary Click Here


Scientific Network of Scientist Dr.S.K.Prakash

Scientist Dr.S.K.Prakash with group of HIV Scientists

Dr.S.K.Prakash is in the HIV Cure team headed by

Dr.Francoise Barre Sinoussi who received Nobel Prize in 2008 for finding HIV

Dr.S.K.Prakash with

Dr.Anthony Fauci, (US president Barak Obama’s official Health Advisor)

Dr.S.K.Prakash with

Dr.Jack Whitescarver – Director, Office of HIV Research, USA

Dr.S.K.Prakash with

Dr.Francoise and Dr.Jean -Francois Delfraissy (General Director, French National Agency for Research on HIV and viral Hepatitis(ANRS), Paris, France)

Dr.S.K.Prakash and

Dr.Jean -Francois Delfraissy (General Director, French National Agency for Research on HIV and viral Hepatitis(ANRS), Paris, France)

Dr.S.K.Prakash with

Dr.Steve Deeks (University of California,San Francisco, USA)

Dr.S.K.Prakash with

Dr.David Margolis (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)

Dr.S.K.Prakash with

Dr.Jeffrey Lifson (NIH/NCI, Bethesda, USA)

Scientist Dr.S.K.Prakash explains his HIV Cure Strategy in

International HIV Society Towards an HIV Cure Symposium (29 & 30 June, 2013), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Scientist Dr.S.K.Prakash explains his HIV Cure Strategy in

International HIV Society Towards an HIV Cure Symposium (29 & 30 June, 2013), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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What is Naval AIDS Research Center?

Naval AIDS Research Center is the unit of foundation “Indian Social Services” exclusively formed to conduct research activities to investigate medicine to cure HIV by a multidisciplinary approach.

What is HCT and what it contains?

HCT is HIV Cure Therapy, it contains Nanobiomecine named as Prakasine

What do we do in Naval AIDS Research Center?

Mainly HIV Cure research. In addition to the research we do treatment, consulting, and testing services since Scientist Dr.S.K.Prakash is in this research line for about two decades, he has the capability to interpret HIV status precisely than elsewhere from the reports and bodily conditions.

Does the HCT have any side effects?

No side effects

Some reviews from our clients

Earlier Immunotherapy Research in Avian influenza virus by Dr. S. K. Prakash in last century.

Dr.S.K.Prakash is Providing “HIV Cure Treatment for AIDS Patients in India” Ancient innovative medicine eliminates HIV pro-viral DNA from PBMC and lymph cells.