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Thanks for taking the time to contact NARC and ISS.

At NARC, our vision is clear—to cure as many people as possible from HIV. We believe in groundbreaking research, transformative outcomes, and a commitment to bringing hope and health to individuals affected by the virus.

We receive several inquiries every day. Since many of these inquiries are of a similar nature, below is a list of the most frequently asked questions for your reference.

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

What is Naval AIDS Research Center?
Naval AIDS Research Center is the unit of foundation “Indian Social Services” exclusively formed to conduct research activities to investigate medicine to cure HIV by a multidisciplinary approach.

What do we do in Naval AIDS Research Center?

Mainly HIV Cure research. In addition to the research we do treatment, consulting, and testing services since Scientist Dr.S.K.Prakash is in this research line for about two decades, he has the capability to interpret HIV status precisely than elsewhere from the reports and bodily conditions.

What is HCT and what it contains?

HCT is HIV Cure Therapy, it contains Nanobiomecine named as Prakasine

Does the HCT have any side effects?

No side effects

How people react to this treatment?

People are taking this treatment with ART and without ART. They say when we take ART alone we are suffering because of ART side effects, when they combine HCT with ART, they enjoy the treatment. Both the people (ART and non- ART) say they enjoy the treatment. They don’t feel ART side effects when they combine HCT with ART.

What is our present status of our research and why it did not reach out to the world?

We have developed the Nanomedicine to the level of curing HIV but it is not reached all over the world due to the following reasons.
1. We are not a university or big established research center located in developed countries having a huge number of staff, equipments, and scientists networks to listen whatever we say to accept it.
2. We do not have a huge laboratory with infrastructures to perform research activities as per international norms to get published our work in leading journals
3. We do not have funding support to establish all those things

How we conducted the research and succeeded some extend without a financial background, universities, institutions, and government supports?

The only answer is “Less equipments makes the brain work more”, then we got it.

What lacks with Dr.S.K.Prakash to make his invention to reach the world?

HIV Scientist Dr.S.K.Prakash has investigated in his observational study that HIV could be cured but this observation should be proved with experimental studies. To perform experimental studies he needs huge infrastructure, equipments, and staff as per the International norms even though he has done it in the rudimentary setup and made it. This is around 30 million USD budget. He is a poor and individual scientist; if he gets this money he will prove HIV could be cured with his invention. Then the WHO and all governments will approve it and start to give to their patients. To raise the fund, he requests the people to donate liberally

Does Dr.S.K.Prakash is competent to the leading scientists all over the world in HIV Cure other than infrastructures?

Yes, academically he has done research in HIV vaccine development for his master’s degree in biotechnology and his doctorate was in HIV Cure in biotechnology. He has done a lot of works in HIV Cure after his doctorate but not able to publish due to lack of infrastructure and norms

What kind of medicine is this ?

This is a Nano-biomedicine named as “Prakasine” developed by combining Traditional Tamil techniques and Nano-biotechnology

What are the benefits of taking our HIV medicine every day as prescribed?

  • Patients feel clinically better and gain improvement in overall health.
  • Prevent from death due to  HIV and life is saved
  • Elimination of HIV from the body.

When will we say medicine is available for one particular disease?

When we go to doctors for treatment for one particular disease, if he writes a prescription or recommends one medicine and if that is available in the drug market then we can say medicine is available for that one particular disease.

How new drugs is developed?

Scientists performing various research to develop a drug and test in their own methods and research models before giving it to the people. Once one scientist is convinced himself that it will be useful for humans then he will give that drug to the people’s benefit directly to the interested people those who seeks him. This can be only for few to many people, provided the people should seek him with their own willingness and interest

How the drug reaches the market?

From the scientist’s research outcome like scientists Dr.S.K.Prakash research outcome, the invention is going to medicine companies, the companies approach the regulatory body with their huge infrastructure created as per international norms to give the answer for so many questions, experiments, trials then get the approval and available for doctor’s prescription.

What prevents and crashes the “Prakasine” not to reach the ailing HIV community?

No support from other scientists, silence of WHO, NACO, ICMR, DBT, S&T, and other departments, demanding huge infrastructure, more number of staff, adaptation and demand of international norms

Can’t we produce inventions as an Individual?

If interest is there anyone can do anything. Thomas edition is the role model for that. The norms and regulations being followed all over the world is only favorable to the developed countries. Frankly saying India does not have a well-equipped laboratory for HIV Cure research but they demand norms to be implemented by listening to developed countries without supporting the researchers. How it is possible to implement norms by spending crores and crores of money by the researcher hailing from ordinary agriculture family in India without government support. If any Indian wants to do research in HIV Cure either he should go to the developed countries laboratory and work for that country only or drop the idea of research. Due to these regulatory norms only, the interested individual researchers go to developed countries and develop those countries further. Developing countries they just follow the norms but not financially supporting the Independent researchers

Is there any chance of getting financial support for independent individual researchers?

Almost nil

Is it necessary to pass all the norms to give the benefit to the HIV community

If it passes the norms it will come to the market otherwise it will be with the inventor only

To whom are all Dr.S.K.Prakash has approached to get support and bring out and reach out this medicine to the global HIV community

Various departments of the Indian government and Director-General of WHO

Is it Ayurvedic medicine?


What is the dosage form of Prakasine?

Three capsules a day three times each before meals

Is there any chance of coming drugs in the near future to cure HIV in the rest of the world other than the Naval AIDS Research Center?

There are many researchers and scientists working in nonother than Drugs called HDAC inhibitors, which are used as cancer treatments, have been shown to reactivate dormant HIV in the laboratory only. They are trying to reactivate it since in some cells this DNA remains dormant enabling it to stay hidden from the immune system and resist therapy.

If the reactivated HIV cells are able to be destroyed by the normal immune cells, why it did not happen in the early stage of infection and clear it. Even if their research gets success, the patient’s HIV status will go on as to the early stage of infection only, not to be cured completely, that will be one step added advantage than ART alone, combined with HDAC unless the CTL is constantly being stimulated to destroy the reactivated cells. Our Prakasine does this. If Prakasine is added with the above treatment, we can get a quick cure. From the above explanati,on one can understand the answer to the above question.

Why very few cures and very people in this treatment?

The first belief is other than ART, there is no other medicine for the treatment of HIV. Doctors aware only about ART, they advise not to take any medicine except ART, they don’t analyze it due to their busy general practice, unaware about this Nanobiotechnological approach since this is a separate discipline than medical to meet the advanced level of understanding this concept. The viral load and CD4 will be reverse to the ART treatment in the first year in HCT, after seeing this reverse result in viral load and CD4, the people feel this is not effective even though they attained a generalized good improvement in their health and immunity. There are other reasons like this is expensive, we are in a remote corner of India, people believe big setting only have stuff, transport facilities to Namakkal from outside the world and outside parts of India, this is unapproved medicine, etc is the answer for the above question

Where and what are all the activities are undergoing in Naval AIDS Research Center

  1. HIV Research and Treatment in India,
  2. Cancer Research and Treatment
  3. Research and drug development for incurable viral infections such as COVID-19, Viral flu, etc.
  4. Developing advanced tests at low cost

Cured cases in HIV from our treatment in Naval AIDS Research center, India.

  • 1st  person to cured from HIV  in 2006
  • 2nd person to  cured from HIV in 2010
  • 3rd person to cured from HIV in 2010