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NARC, 104 Fort Main Road,
Namakkal,Tamilnadu, India.
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Vision: The NAVAL AIDS RESEARCH CENTRE envisions a world where the scourge of HIV is eradicated, and individuals affected by the virus can lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Our vision is to cure as many people as possible from HIV, providing them with not only a medical cure but also the opportunity for a life unrestricted by the virus.

“If you are an HIV-infected person, if you truly want to get cured, and if you are interested in our therapy, you can contact us.”

Mission: In pursuit of our vision, the NAVAL AIDS RESEARCH CENTRE is unwavering in its mission. Despite facing challenges such as regulatory negligence and misunderstandings of the concept, we persist in our commitment to finding solutions. Our mission is fueled by the acknowledgment of the struggles encountered in previous attempts at HIV cure. However, with continuous perseverance, the center achieved a groundbreaking cure for HIV in 2006, a success story that expanded to four more cases.

This mission is a testament to the dedication of the researchers at NAVAL AIDS RESEARCH CENTRE. Despite adversities, we continue our efforts to overcome hurdles and bring about transformative outcomes in the fight against HIV. Our mission extends beyond medical breakthroughs; it is a pledge to contribute to a world where the stigma of HIV is replaced with hope and where individuals can embrace a future free from the constraints of the virus.